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Eclectic Institute Review, Herbal Supplements and other products

The Eclectic Institute was founded in 1982 by two naturopathic physicians, Dr. Edward Alstat and Dr. Michael Ancharski. At that time, Dr. Alstat was the pharmacist for the Portland Naturopathic clinic, the teaching clinic of the National College of Naturopathic medicine and Dr. Ancharski was the Clinic Director.

Though in the midst of the top botanical literature, research and practitioners, they could not find high quality, botanical preparations to use in their clinic. Most herbs on the commercial market simply were not pure, vital or fresh enough to be very beneficial. They decided to develop and market their own line of botanical products using only organic herbs carefully grown and harvested and processed while fresh. Eclectic is committed to working with nature's healing power, in the preparation of botanical products which nutritionally enhance total health and well-being.

Eclectic Institute developed a line of encapsulated botanicals which are fresh, freeze-dried instead of air dried. Why fresh freeze -dried herbs instead of air dried herbs? Fresh freeze-drying the herbs maintains the active constituents of natural potency of most herbs. Fresh freeze-drying preserves all of the biologically active constituents of the fresh plant-not just some of the active constituents.


Echinacea angustifolia wildcrafted root; Echinacea purpurea organically grown flower, leaf, & root; Echinacea pallida wildcrafted root; Echinacea tennesseensis organically grown root; 155 mg. Goldenseal, Hydrastis canadensis wildcrafted rhizome and root; 195 mg

Ginkgo - Gotu Kola

Each 275 mg. capsule contains 100% Fresh Freeze-Dried:`Wildcrafted Ginkgo biloba leaf, 175 mg.; Certified organically grown Centella asiatica, Gotu Kola leaf, 100 mg.

Valerian-Passion Flower

Wildcrafted Valeriana spp., Valerian root, 70 mg.; Certified organically grown Scutellaria lateriflora, Skullcap flower & leaf, 60 mg.; Certified organically grown Passiflora spp., Passion Flower flower & leaf, 40 mg.; Humulus lupulus, Hops strobile, 40 mg.; Certified organically grown Matricaria chamomilla, German Chamomile flower & leaf, 40 mg.


Larix is the water soluble, long branched arabinogalactan (a type of polysaccharide) from the Western Larch Tree. This high molecular weight compound (main fractions of 16,000 & 100,000MW) is similar to immune modulating arabinogalactans found in Echinacea. Larix is a non-toxic soluble dietary fiber. Mix with water or juice.

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