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Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine: The Definitive Home Reference Guide to 550 Key Herbs

By Andrew Chevallier

ISBN: 9780789467836

Publisher: DK Adult

Summary of Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine: The Definitive Home Reference Guide to 550 Key Herbs

Fully updated and authoritative, this revised edition of DK's Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine makes this classic, completely illustrated reference guide even bigger and better than the original. Featuring more than 550 medicinal plants and the most current scientific research, this volume provides a comprehensive guide to healing with the world's oldest form of medicine. A unique photographic index profiles over 550 plants, with detailed information on habitat and cultivation, parts used, active constituents, therapeutic properties, and traditional and current uses. A special section profiles 100 of the most common plants, featuring herbal preparations and recommendations for self-treatment. Guidelines on growing, harvesting, and storing medicinal plants also demonstrate making remedies for home use. In addition, accessible text offers fascinating insight into the chemistry of plants and their healing properties, explaining how and why they work as medicines within the body. The major herbal traditions of different cultures- Europe, India, China, Africa, Australia, and the Americas- are vividly described. A review of herbs from a historical perspective reveals the connection between medicinal herbs and cultural beliefs toward healing. Offering extensive coverage of all that herbs are- from cultural traditions to chemical components to self-treatments for common ailments-this Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine is the ultimate reference for anyone interested in exploring the healing benefits of medicinal plants.

Review of Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine: The Definitive Home Reference Guide to 550 Key Herbs

I absolutely LOVE this book! I've had it for several years, and have given numerous copies away to friends and family including my own family doctor. My father was the one to first come across it in one of those discount book stores many years ago, and once I saw it I was hooked. It is thourough and well written, and the lay-out is fantastic. It is so easy to read. Some of the reviews have complained about the fact that it is an alphabetical listing of plants/herbs as opposed to ailments/diseases, but this is what makes it great in my opinion. Often a particular plant has several therapeutic benefits, so it is nicer to read about one plant at a time (and less confusing, in my opinion). I disagree that it is difficult to find things, as the index also contains the common names of the plants as well as an index of ailments. Towards the back of the book there are ailment groups such as women's health problems and pregnancy, Cold & Flu, Allergies/hayfever, Digestive ailments/nausea, Respiratory ailments, and more, where you have a bunch of the most useful herbs for each group of ailments listed.

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