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Since 1980, the Life Extension Foundation has uncovered pioneering approaches for preventing and treating the diseases of aging. These avant-garde medical advances were meticulously chronicled in Life Extensions publications many years before conventional doctors recognized them.

In order to enlighten the world about these life-saving therapies, the Life Extension Foundation compiled a 1,500-page medical reference book titled Disease Prevention and Treatment in 2003. Updates to this reference book are available online. To promote Life Extensions innovative medical concepts, Life Extension co-founder Bill Faloon has made hundreds of media appearances, including guest spots on The Phil Donahue Show, The Joan Rivers Show, Tony Browns Journal, and ABC News Day One, and an interview in Newsweek magazine.

Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer

Aging is characterized by inflammation, glycation and mitochondrial decay. Life Extension members have access to a state-of-the-art nutritional formula called Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer that protects delicate cellular structures and enables cells to perform life-sustaining metabolic processes.

Super Zeaxanthin

The eye is a highly complex organ that must safely harvest, control, focus, and react to light in order to produce vision. Light enters the anterior (front) portion of the eye through the clear cornea and fluid-like aqueous humor, and is then focused by the clear lens before entering the gel-like vitreous humor. It must pass through a nerve layer of ganglions connected to photoreceptors (both rods and cones) where light signals are converted to electrical signals that are transported to the brain.

Bilberry Extract

Many age-related eye problems are caused by compromised circulation to the eye. Bilberry extracts have an Detox and Antioxidants property that helps suppress photo-oxidative processes and have been shown to improve microcapillary circulation. The anthocyanoside content of bilberry may be especially beneficial for nighttime visual acuity.

Optimized Resveratrol

Life Extension's Optimized Resveratrol now features fisetin, a little-known flavonoid which is the sixth compound shown to simulate a similar youthful gene expression pattern as calorie restriction without significant dietary modification. In the most exciting development to date, this novel compound (fisetin) may also enhance the effects of resveratrol.

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This information is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be used in place of an individual consultation or examination or replace the advice of your health care professional and should not be relied upon to determine diagnosis or course of treatment.