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Acacia (Gum Arabic)Acai BerryAgrimony
AlfalfaAloe VeraAmerican Ginseng
Angelica or Dong QuaiAniseArnica
AshwagandhaAstragalusBenzoin Gum powder
Black CohoshBlack Walnut HullsBlackberry Leaf
Burdock Root Calendula or MarigoldCaraway Seed
CatnipCats ClawCayenne Pepper
ChamomileChaparralChaste Tree Berry
Chia SeedChickweedCinnamon
ComfreyCramp BarkDamiana
DandelionDevils Claw RootEchinacea
Elder BerryElecampaneEucalyptus Leaf
EyebrightFennel Seed Feverfew
Flax SeedFrankincenseGinger Root
Ginko LeafGolden SealGotu Kola
Green TeaHawthorne BerryHoly Basil
HoneysuckleHops FlowersHorehound
Horsetail (Shavegrass)HyssopJuniper Berries
Western LarchLavenderLemon Balm
Lemon GrassLemon VerbenaLicorice Root
Milk Thistle SeedAll Herbs in AlphabeticalMotherwort
Mugwort MulleinMyrrh
Nettle LeafNutmegOatstraw
Orange PeelOreganoOsha Root
Parsley PassionflowerPatchouli
Raspberry LeafRhodiolaRooibos Tea
Rose HipsRosemarySaffron
SageSaw PalmettoSchizandra-Schisandra
Sheep SorrelSiberian GinsengSkullcap, Chinese or Baik
Slippery ElmSpearmintSt Johns Wort
Stevia ThymeTurmeric
ValerianWild LettuceWormwood
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