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Penn Herb Company, Ltd.

The best online source for herbal remedies, premium medicinal herbs, natural Vitamins and remedies - since 1924.

Since 1924, we have specialized in herbs and herbal remedies. Reap the benefits of traditional medicinal herbs with our extensive selection of over 400 wildcrafted herbs, gathered from the United States and worldwide. Whether your preference is bulk tea, powder, or capsules, you'll find what you need here. Our herbs are received daily, and are carefully milled, sifted, encapsulated and packaged to ensure freshness. Click Herb Listing to search our entire catalog of herbs.

We are proud to offer you our private line of Nature's Wonderland Premium Vitamins & Supplements. They are made from the finest ingredients available to provide you and your family the best nutritional value. All of our vitamins and supplements are laboratory tested to meet the strictest quality control standards for potency and purity. Click Vitamin Listing to browse our complete line.

Blood Pressure

Garlic and Parsley Mix. During World War II, Garlic was used to keep soldiers healthy. Today, it's recognized as an outstanding way to maintain cardiovascular function, immune health, and cholesterol levels. And best of all, we've added the odor-fighting power of Parsley. Nature's Wonderland Garlic & Parsley Mix is a convenient way to enjoy the legendary benefits of whole Garlic cloves. Use with confidence too, because we've included Parsley, which contains chlorophyll and natural enzymes to help neutralize Garlic's strong odor. Make It A Part of Your Daily Health Program!

Menopause Herbs

Meno-Fem Change. Hormonal imbalances during Menopause can result in hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, and other discomforts. The comforting herbs in Meno-Fem-Change encourage hormonal balance and emotional wellbeing during this "change of life". Meno-Fem-Change provides essential herbal menopausal support. It's a synergistic blend herbs used for centuries to promote female health and well-being in one effective and convenient formula: ALETRIS, SQUAW VINE�promote healthy function of the female reproductive system; CRAMP BARK & BETH ROOT�ease cramps and supports a healthy female cycle; DAMIANA�promotes hormonal balance and restores sexual energy. Get the soothing support you need with Meno-Fem-Change.

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