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No More Rocks! A Whole-Food Approach to Calcium Supplementation and Bone Health

You know that a diet rich in calcium is important for building and maintaining strong healthy bones. You also know that like most people, you probably aren�t getting enough calcium from your diet. Most Americans consume an average of 600 milligrams a day, but the daily recommended calcium intake for adults is 1000-1300 milligrams. Hence, supplementation of the remaining 400-700 milligrams makes good sense. What doesn�t make sense is the inorganic form of calcium found in most calcium supplements: calcium carbonate derived from limestone, which is essentially the equivalent of eating rocks. So, how should we supplement our bone Health nutritional needs? With whole-foods, of course! It�s the way nature intended.

In contrast to calcium carbonate and other inorganic forms of calcium, whole food sources of calcium deliver a complex array of nutrients and co-factors that enhance the body�s utilization of calcium, producing more favorable effects on bone health. Magnesium, for instance, functions alongside calcium to promote bone formation and strength. Trace Minerals like silica, vanadium, and strontium have also been shown to be essential for normal growth and development of skeletons in humans and animals. On the vitamin front, a growing body of research suggests that vitamin K2 and vitamin D play critical roles in calcium metabolism and bone health. Vitamin K2 is required for the activation of proteins that keep calcium in the bones where you need it and out of the arteries where you don�t, while vitamin D regulates calcium uptake in the digestive tract and utilization by the bones. Hence, the ideal bone-strengthening supplement should contain whole food sources of calcium, magnesium, trace minerals, vitamin D and vitamin K2.

Enter Bone Strength Take Care, a whole-food supplement formulated by master herbalist, Paul Schulick, to support healthy bone metabolism. The product features a special type of marine algae called Lithothamnion calcareum that is sustainably harvested from pristine shores along the Icelandic coastline. The algae readily absorbs calcium, magnesium and trace minerals from the ocean and biotransforms them into a natural organic state. In essence, Lithothamnion calcareum contains the fullspectrum of necessary bone-building minerals in an easy-to-utilize whole-food form.

A growing body of research conducted on Lithothamnion calcareum suggests that the algae may offer numerous health benefits for bone health and beyond. Both short- and long-term supplementation with Lithothamnion calcareum has been shown in clinical studies to have parathyroid-regulating effects which benefit bone health by slowing bone turnover or breakdown.

Two of these studies compared the parathyroid-regulating effects of Lithothamnion calcareum to calcium carbonate and found the algae to have a significantly greater effect. Another mechanism by which Lithothamnion calcareum may benefit bone strength is through modulation of inflammation, a process known to accelerate the breakdown of bone. But, the benefits of Lithothamnion calcareum supplementation may not be limited to bone health. Two recent preliminary clinical studies reported that individuals consuming Lithothamnion calcareum daily experienced relief from joint discomfort and an increase in their range of motion. Many more studies are currently underway to understand the effects of this unique form of algae on digestive health as well as bone turnover and density.

To complete Bone Strength Take Care, Schulick added whole food forms of vitamin K2 and vitamin D3. The brand of vitamin K2 he selected is MenaQ7� which is extracted from natto, a fermented soy food popular in Japan. MenaQ7� is the only form of vitamin K2 clinically shown to activate proteins responsible for proper calcium utilization in the bone and arteries. MenaQ7� is the most bioavailable, bioactive and longest-lasting form of natural vitamin K2 (MK-7). The 45 mcg delivered in a serving of Bone Strength Take Care ensures delivery of K2 to all of the body�s tissues 24 hours a day.

Bone Strength Take Care also provides 1000 IU of whole-food complexed vitamin D3 per serving, the daily dosage of vitamin D most nutritional experts now consider ideal for optimizing vitamin D-related functions throughout the body. New Chapter� creates whole-food complexed vitamin D3 by culturing the nutrient with Probiotics and organic whole foods.

With its innovative ingredients, holistic formulation and easy to swallow tablets, it is easy to see why Bone Strength Take Care by New Chapter has become the number one selling bone health formula in the natural products industry.� With 770 mg of elemental calcium delivered per three tablet serving, there is finally a sensible and clinically effective whole-food approach to supplementing the extra calcium everybody needs.

Most of us know that vitamin D is important for bone health, but this essential nutrient has other benefits, too.

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by Taryn Forrelli, ND
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